Amazing tutorial on Google SketchUp

Jasper is the first (but probably not the last!) one in the Digital/Tech Club to really get away with combining technologies like this. In essence we have learned how to really get to grips with using SketchUp which is an architectural piece of software which can make 3D objects and buildings in the style of CAD technologies.
Once this has been mastered I then suggested that the boys and girls try to record themselves doing their work using screencasting software, not just filming their own screen, but narrating what they are doing at the same time – thus making a tutorial which others could access and watch and learn from.

Here’s Jasper’s brilliant offering, all done in one 40 minute session.

Please leave him and the group a comment to encourage them on if you watch and are as impressed as the rest of us.

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Collaborate with friends online in real-time

During the first weeks of Digital Tech club this year the group were looking at a tool called PrimaryPad which is one of many ‘etherpads’ on the internet. By copying the same URL onto two different screens, 2 people can enter the same page at the same time and work on it together.
The tool is simple in principle but is a lovely way to collaborate with other people on something like a playscript or a project or a group presentation.
Google it – click on the link – press “create pad” – share the URL with a friend and you’re off!

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This week we looked at how to use a live shared ‘wall’ on the internet called Padlet. This allows a teacher or the person who first sets up the wall, to invite others to come onto it and stick virtual ‘post-it’ notes on it. These can be to answer a question, brainstorm an idea or share differing opinions and experiences of things.

[padlet key=’jrt5o2u9um’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

See what interesting ideas some of the boys and girls came up with for the future of our Digital Tech Club.
Can you add anymore? Just double click on the screen to get a Post-it!

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Welcome to our new Blog Page!

5MB hardrive1956 5TB harddrive

These two pictures show you just how far and how fast advances in technology happen.

The left hand one is a photo from 1956 of a 5MB Hard Drive weighing over a tonne, being loaded into an aeroplane to be transported to another lab.

The right hand picture is of a 5TB Hard Drive you can pick up at a supermarket these days weighing a few hundred grams.


To give you some idea, the small modern hard drive has approximately 5.2 million times more memory space than the one going into the plane while being over 2000 times lighter!

Similarly, this is how fast things have moved just in the world of photography and how much storage cameras now have (2)

Can you calculate how much more space is on the 2014 microSD card than on the 2005 microSD card?

Let me know.


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